Why use the Bing Maps™ Locator Wizard?

Free Basic Locator & Hosting

With the Bing Maps™ Locator Wizard you can generate a basic locator and either download the complete source code for hosting on your servers or let us host it for you for free on Microsoft Windows Azure. That's right, get the power of Microsoft Windows Azure behind your locator absolutely free.

Lightning Fast Searches

By storing your location data in the Bing Content Delivery Network and making all search requests directly through the Bing Spatial Data Services using REST we have managed to ensure lightning fast searches, with an average search taking less than 200ms.

Superior Performance & Scalability

All locators created by Bing Maps™ Locator Wizard are hosted in Microsoft Windows Azure. This allows us to handle any volume of traffic and still maintain low load times. Microsoft Windows Azure also has an SLA with a guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

Optional Support

As an additional option we offer an industry leading service level agreements on all support issues at competitive rates. For more information contact us at sales@inknowledge.co.uk.

Custom Features

We are constantly creating new features that you can plug into your locator at any time. Feel free to request new features by contacting us at info@inknowledge.co.uk.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is important to us. For detailed information about how we protect your privacy view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.